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TAPCA Training Academy

Providing training to caregivers is a win-win for both clients and caregivers. We believe that training is essential to delivering high-quality care for consumers, and also enhances safety, skills and job satisfaction for caregivers.

The Consortium has trained personal caregivers throughout its 20-year history, and in 2010 we officially launched TAPCA, the Training Academy for Personal Caregivers. TAPCA provides industry-leading training to more than 800 home caregivers each year at our state-of-the-art training facility. TAPCA students include independent San Francisco IHSS providers, the Consortium’s own employees, and employees of private home care agencies.

TAPCA’s flagship 78-hour Basic Training course teaches the clinical, ethical, behavioral and practical aspects of the home caregiver role. We also offer continuing education classes and specialized trainings, with topics ranging from dementia care and managing diabetes to preventing falls and handling difficult situations.

TAPCA’s model incorporates community-based recruitment of individuals with the skills and attitude to succeed as personal care providers and utilizes an adult-centered, competency-based training curriculum. In addition, TAPCA provides retention support, continuing education, and job placement services.

For more information on TAPCA or to register for a class, visit www.tapca.org, or call 1-888-41-TAPCA (82722).

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